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We’re Malin Malle and Daniel Flefil, a duo of calisthenics enthusiasts who are all about creating the best calisthenics programs and courses to help you master the art of calisthenics. With over 20 years of experience in calisthenics and fitness, we ensure our courses are top-notch, giving you the best guidance to reach your goals.

We’re pumped to have you join our awesome community and become the version of yourself

Daniel Flefil & Malin Malle

Calisthenics Is Our Passion

When we started with calisthenics back in 2015, we enjoyed it so much and found a new joy in working out.

Over time, we dedicated more and more effort to this type of training and began documenting our journey through social media. We started to share our progress, tips, and tricks through videos and pictures.

We have a workout background in kickboxing, cheerleading, and personal training, and we wanted calisthenics to become our daily work.

Since then, we have developed and created different programs and coached hundreds of people around the world. We have also competed in international calisthenics and street workout competitions.