Build Bigger Biceps at Home With These 4 Calisthenics Exercises
Build Bigger Biceps at Home With These 4 Calisthenics Exercises

Written by Malin Malle

June 14, 2024

Are you looking to grow your biceps without bulky weights and huge gym equipment? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Follow this step-by-step guide created by me, calisthenics coach and world champion Malin Malle, to build and strengthen your biceps in no time with 4 essential calisthenics movements.

How to Build Biceps with Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a great way to build your biceps without doing traditional exercises that can get boring and repetitive. In this guide, I will break down how you can build your biceps using only Calisthenics. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone starting their fitness transformation, Calisthenics will help you grow your biceps while mastering your body weight. 

Grow your biceps with calisthenics exercises

Can You Build Biceps Without Weights?

It is a common misconception that weights are required to grow biceps. In fact, you can achieve serious bicep growth by using your own body weight. These 4 Calisthenics exercises effectively target and strengthen your biceps without using any weights and can be done at the comfort of your own home. By using the following exercises with proper form and intensity, your biceps will grow in no time.

Is It Hard to Build Biceps at Home?

Building biceps at home is completely attainable if you are equipped with the right exercises and techniques. Calisthenic exercises can be performed without bulky weights and minimal equipment, making them accessible and convenient to all! With consistency and the right coaching, you can achieve significant bicep growth without leaving your home.

Equipment Needed

These 4 exercises only require two pieces of equipment: Workout Rings and Dip Bars. Both Workout Rings and Dip Bars add versatility to your workout while targeting the biceps. If you do not have access to this equipment, do not worry! You can always use lower bars that can be found in outdoor parks. This allows you to perform the exercises, regardless of equipment availability. 

1. Bicep Curls in Rings

Equipment needed: Workout Rings

Ring Bicep Curls are one of the best Calisthenics exercises for the biceps as they isolate the bicep and can be modified for current strength level. By adjusting the height of the rings, you can control the difficulty: the higher the rings, the easier the exercise, the lower the rings and the more parallel your body is to the ground, the more challenging it becomes. Whether you are just starting out or you are looking to increase the intensity of your workout, this exercise can adapt to your needs, helping you achieve eye-catching bicep growth.

supinated grip for bicep curls on rings


  1. Set up rings to about hip height. If you are just starting off, I would recommend heightening the rings until you can build up strength to move them lower.
    • Position yourself under the rings with a supinated grip, chest facing up, and legs bent at 90 degrees. Keep your body flat with your feet on the floor while hanging with straight arms.
  2. Pull yourself up only with your biceps as you perform the curl. Make sure to pull yourself up using only your biceps 

Coaching Cues

  • Avoid elbows flaring out, try to keep elbows moving in a straight line throughout the curl.
  • Focus on bicep muscle contraction when pulling yourself up. Do not use your back!
  • Keep tension in your core to keep hips and back aligned during the movement.
  • If you are struggling, you can heighten the rings. If you are looking for something harder, you can lower the rings.
Bicep Curls in Rings

2. Dip Bar Curls

Equipment Needed: Dip Bars or Any Lower Bars

The Dip Bar Curl is a great Calisthenics exercise that allows you to grow your biceps even if you do not have access to traditional Calisthenics equipment. Most parks are equipped with lower bars that are perfect for performing this exercise. If you decide to work out at home, make sure you have sturdy dip bars that can support your weight and withstand movement. This curl variation allows you to mix up your workout routine while still focusing on strengthening the biceps.

false grip for dip bar bicep curls by Malin malle


  1. Position yourself under the dip bars with a false grip, chest facing up, and legs bent at 90 degrees. Keep your body flat with your feet on the floor while hanging with straight arms.
  2. Pull until your head touches the bar. You should be pulling only with your biceps (do not use your back!)
    • Your elbows should be pushed up to the level of the bar, and the goal is to touch your forehead with the bar.
dip bar curls for biceps by Malin malle

Coaching Cues

  • Make sure to tuck your elbows in when pulling yourself up during the curl. Your elbows should not flare out during the movement!
  • If this variation is too hard, you can heighten the level of the bars by completing this exercise in an adjustable squat rack.
Bicep Curls on straight bar

3. Chin-Ups in Rings

Chin-Ups are a common Calisthenics exercise and are great for bicep growth. Chin-Ups in Workout Rings add variability to the regular bar chin-up by challenging athletes with instability, resulting in greater muscle activation and increased range of motion which creates a larger demand on the muscles, including your back and biceps. If you are not able to complete chin-ups, I would recommend watching my video on how to do your first pull-up to get started.

neutral grip for bicep chin ups on rings by Malin malle


  1. Place rings above you to allow yourself to fully hang with arms in full extension.
  2. Start in a neutral grip and pull yourself up, rotating your hands into a supinated grip with your thumbs facing outward.
chin up in rings for biceps by Malin malle

Coaching Cues

  • To activate the biceps even more in this movement, rotate your thumbs outside the normal bar position.
  • Keep your core engaged to keep your body aligned throughout the chin-up.
Chin Ups in Rings

4. Pelican Curls in Rings

Equipment Required: Workout Rings

Pelican curls are a great bicep burner that also works on upper body flexibility and stability. Although this movement heavily focuses on the biceps, it also engages the shoulders and chest due to the extended range of motion in the exercise. Pelican curls are not a beginner exercise and should only be done for intermediate to advanced Calisthenic athletes that have a background in bodyweight training.


  1. Place rings around waist height. You can move rings according to preference and strength.
  2. Hold rings with a false grip and move slightly forward to the level of the rings. Keep the rings close to your body.
  3. Lean forward while rotating the rings outward behind your torso.
  4. Slowly extend your arms to full extension. Contract your biceps and pull yourself up back to the starting position.

Coaching Cues

  • Very Important! Keep your hands and rings close to your body from the starting position.
  • Keep your elbows tucked and do not allow them to flare out. This will put unnecessary tension on the elbows and decrease the load on the biceps.
  • The further forward you stand from the rings’ hanging position, the easier the exercise will be. The further back you stand, the harder the exercise will be – modify if necessary!
Pelican Curls in Rings

Set Plan

  • 8-15 Reps: Each exercise should be completed at least 8-15 times to reach maximum hypertrophy. This rep range is optimal for muscle growth, allowing you to gain muscle mass effectively.
  • 3 Sets: Performing three sets of each exercise ensures enough volume to stimulate muscle growth while providing adequate recovery time between sets, maximizing your gains.
  • 2x Per Week: Doing these exercises twice a week will help keep you consistent and promote steady muscle growth.

These workouts can also be incorporated into your daily workout. You can select any of the exercises depending on your current workout and what you are focusing on.


These four Calisthenics exercises will be key to growing and strengthening your biceps without any added weights or expensive equipment. The GORNATION Dip Bars and Workout Rings Set are extremely durable, lightweight and inexpensive equipment that can help you build your biceps anywhere using this easy guide. Whether you are an advanced calisthenics athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, Start with our Calisthenics workout programs to connect with like-minded individuals committed to their health and fitness. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to leave a comment sharing your thoughts and any questions you may have.

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