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Hi, I’m Malin

Malin Malle - Calisthenics Coach At Calixpert
Certified Personal Trainer

If you train hard and unsmart to reach Calisthenics skills as I have seen a lot of people doing, you will have injuries and pains. This leads you to become demotivated to countine your journey workout. My goal is to help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey at the same time

Common Questions I Get About My Coaching

How fast can I except results

It is difficult to say as each person develops differently, and has different kinds of starting points, conditions, and goals

But most clients that work with see some sort of results within one month if they keep being consistent with the plan I make.

We discuss what exactly you can expect during the first conversation.

How long do I need to sign up for?

Minimum 3 months.

It is important that we have plenty of time, partly to build long-term healthy routines but also to be able to change the plan when needed. Nothing should be stressed and you should feel comfortable with progress we make.

How does the coaching work?

First you send in your application, I need to get to know more about you first. After reviewing the application and if we move forward, you will then fill out another questionary with more details questions.

Once you have me as a coach, we will have contact via my coaching app.  Your personal program, the chat function, and video instructions with me will all be in the app.

Do I have access to you all the time?

Almost… I also need to sleep 😀

I respond within 48 hours, usually earlier than that.
But you have the opportunity to write to me whenever you want through the coaching app.

I've just finished 3 months of coaching with Malin. Over this time I've definitely made progress with learning the human flag. Malin is very knowledgeable and the tailored workouts were challenging but exactly what I needed. I gained both strength and improved my technique in just three months. Her own journey in calisthenics, her strength, and her accomplishments inspired me to reach out for on one coaching. Malin has given me a great start to master the skill, which I hope I can continue in the future. Thanks so much Malin!


The coaching experience exceeded my expectations! The feedback and review she provides are tailored and thorough, far more helpful than I had imagined. Her flexibility in adjusting the program to fit my lifestyle changes was also greatly appreciated.


I applied for Coaching with Malin because I got stuck when I tried to reach my Goals on my own. The coaching was even better than I had hoped for! Especially the Coaching in freestyle with getting specific drills to learn a movement and the online Life Sessions are outstanding! Also, Malin is always so motivating, supportive, and nice! She gets the best Out of every Training Session and also the strength Training is very fun with motivating exercises. I can really recommend the training because you will learn new skills and have Lots of fun


The coaching has been really good. I have gotten a training plan and help online to move forward. Since I live in Stockholm I have also been able to have some sessions of personal training. I have started to feel a lot stronger. I can now do a handstand against the wall, which I didn’t even think was possible when I started.


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Coaching App

Get access to your program trough my own coaching app

Skill Training

If you have a desire and goal to learn Calisthenics skills then we will focus on that

Chat Function

Have the possibility to have direct contact with me for questions and feedback

Goal Setting

We always work towards some goal so we can measure progress that you have done

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About Malin Malle

My name is Malin “Malle” Jansson, but most people call me Malle. Started as a cheerleader and then moved on to become a calisthenics world champion. At my height of 163 cm and weight of 62 kg, I’ve defied expectations and pushed my limits to become a calisthenics coach, athlete, and content creator.

Malin Malle Helping her client to learn dips
Doing Pull ups in the park - Malin Malle

I stumbled into calisthenics by chance back in 2015. I was on the Swedish TV show Ninja Warriors and that’s where I met my boyfriend, Daniel Flefil, and my friend Dana Jstar. They were already into calisthenics, a workout style I’d never heard of. Daniel had discovered it on YouTube and was excited to give it a try. They showed me some videos, and I thought, “No way I can do that!” Dana invited us to train with him and his team, and while Daniel was all in, I initially said no. It looked too hard, and my confidence was pretty low at the time. But they insisted, and eventually, I gave in. Looking back, I’m so glad they pushed me to try it.

When I first started, I went straight for the dynamic skills because they looked more fun. If I could do it over, I’d start with the basics to build a solid strength foundation. That’s what I advise my clients now. Even though I aimed high with competitions and made quick progress in dynamic moves, I realized I was lacking in static and power strength. To be a well-rounded athlete, you need both. So in the past few years, I’ve focused a lot more on statics and power strength. It’s paid off, but if I could go back, I’d definitely approach things differently.