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Want to get into calisthenics? Our workout programs are perfect for beginners looking to build strength and learn new moves. Get started with us and see how fun and effective calisthenics can be!

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We offer a membership to access all our Calisthenics programs & courses

Calisthenics Program For Beginners

Calisthenics For Beginners

Calisthenics program for beginners. Easy way to start with Calisthenics.

Handstand Program

Handstand Program

Learn how to do a handstand and have this amazing feeling of being upside down by yourself.

Muscle Up Program

Muscle Up Program

The most wanted Calisthenics skill to learn and with our 6-week course you can learn the muscle up

Mobility Program

Mobility Course

Why be stiff when you can be flexible and happy? Full body mobility course for the stiff one

Female Calisthenics Workouts

Female Calisthenics

Calisthenics workout for women who want to start mastering their own bodyweight.

Calisthenics Coach

Calisthenics Coaching

Calisthenics coaching online with more personal help from an expert

One Membership & All Calisthenics Courses

One calisthenics membership with all calisthenics workouts and courses included. For only $19/month you get access to all courses from Calixpert and you can cancel the membership whenever you want.

Calixpert Programs
Malin Malle - Calisthenics Coach At Calixpert

Malin Malle Jansson

My name is Malin “Malle” Jansson and I have been training Calisthenics for over +8 years now and competed at the highest level. Winning countless of Calisthenics competitions and becoming 2-times Calisthenics world champion.

Daniel Flefil - Calisthenics Coach at Calixpert

Daniel Flefil

My name is Daniel Flefil and I have been training Calisthenics over +8 years and have over +15 years of workout experience. Creating one of the biggest Calisthenics competitions in the world and also managing the best in the world in Calisthenics

Calisthenics Blog

Looking for inspiration or tips around Calisthenics, check out our Calisthenics articles around different topics

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Calisthenics Programs


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Learn More About Calixpert

What is Calisthenics Coach

A calisthenics coach is a fitness professional focused on bodyweight training. A Calisthenics Coach job is to assist you in building strength and flexibility with the use of only one’s body weight. They help design Calisthenics workout routines to suit your needs, show you the right exercise techniques, and will not fail to cheer you up in the process. Sometimes they even include weights together with bodyweight exercises to accelerate your progress. If you are just starting out with Calisthenics or have done some previous training, getting a Calisthenics coach will help you progress faster.

What workout Equipment do I need for Calisthencis?

In calisthenics, you primarily need the floor and a pull-up bar to get started. Only with these two things, you can already do a lot in your workouts.

For a beginner, pull-ups could be a bit hard. Resistance bands can help with that since they are very helpful when doing pull-ups and dips. Resistance bands can also be used to make the exercises harder by using them in reverse.

We recommend getting parallettes as well. They elevate you off the ground, making exercises more comfortable and reducing wrist strain compared to doing them directly on the floor.

Additionally, a dip bar and some chalk can be very useful. With a pull-up bar, resistance bands, parallettes, a dip bar, and chalk, you’ll have all the calisthenics workout equipment to make great progress in your calisthenics workouts.

Who can start training Calisthenics?

Anyone can train calisthenics from a young age to an older age, from fit to just starting out. Calisthenics is perfect for anyone who just wants to workout.

You can do it at your own pace and gradually build up. You don’t need any crazy workout equipment or a gym membership, it is just you and your body, and a little space at home.

Whether you want to get stronger, learn more skills, get more flexible, or just get fit, calisthenics workouts are a good way to do it. The workouts are also fun so you don’t need to worry about just lifting boring weights all the time, you will also have fun with Calisthenics.

How much does yous Calisthenics program cost?

We do not sell individual programs anymore, instead, we decided to have a price of $19/month on a membership with a community and everyone who is a member gets access to all courses & programs.

With our membership, you can also cancel it whenever you want without feeling stuck to pay for something you might not use.

Will you help me if I get your courses?

Inside of our membersip and communit you will be able to ask questions, share your progress and have a group of people strivingin to achieve similar goals as you. 

We saw that training can be lonely sometimes, that is the reason we created the community in the first place. 

Calisthenics Guides

Calisthenics For beginners workout program_
Calisthenics For Beginners Program
Handstand Program By Calixpert
Handstand Program
Muscle up program by calixpert
Muscle Up Program
Mobility program By calixpert
Mobility Program
Calisthenics Coaching At Calixpert
Calisthenics Coaching
Calisthenics Tutorials
Calisthenics Tutorials
Calisthenics Workout Equipment
Calisthenics Equipment
Calisthenics Blog
Calisthenics Blog

“What I love most is that I can do the workouts anywhere – at home, in the park, or even while traveling. No need for pricey gym gear. It’s so convenient and really works.
Joining the Calixpert membership has been one of the best decisions to learn Calisthenics skills. I’ve also gained so much confidence in my own body.”

“I wanted to learn muscle up and in 2 months I learned it. It’s amazing what happens when you trust the field experts and start to see results. Thanks!”

About Calixpert

Since we started calisthenics in 2016, we have learned a lot of lessons and faced many struggles along the way. We wanted to provide a way for people to learn more easily and not struggle as much as we did. That’s why we created Calixpert.

With over 20+ years of Calisthenics experience, we named our brand Cali(sthenicsE)xpert, cleaver right🤗