Calisthenics For Beginners

Are you ready to transform your fitness routine and build strength, flexibility, and endurance? Our Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program is designed just for you. Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to switch things up, calisthenics offers a dynamic and effective way to achieve your fitness goals without the need for expensive equipment.

L-sit On Dip Bar

Learn To Master Your Bodyweight

The “Calisthenics for Beginners” course is primarily focused on full-body workouts. There are many reasons for this, especially for beginners like yourself. One key reason is that it allows for faster progress in developing your physique and strength.

This program is based on progressive overload. We provide a complete 16-week workout plan that includes detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises when to work out, repetitions, sets, and much more.

Exercise Program

Our Calisthenics program are all about helping you hit your fitness goals in a way that works for you. We have made this program easy to follow and to build the foundation you need for Calisthenics. With our program, you’ll get the structure and motivation to stay on track and make real progress.


Bodyweight skills like pull ups, dips and pushups might look easy but are not always the case when you starting out. Don’ compare yourself with other people and instead just start your own Calisthenics journey and bodycontrol. 

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a key part of your fitness journey. That’s why it’s important that you set your own goals and what you want to achieve. Good goals to start with could be learn your first pull up or dip.

Calisthenics Programs

Why Wait? Your Transformation Begins Today.

Transform your body and mind with Calisthenics. It’s time to unlock your potential and achieve the Calisthenics skills &  goals you’ve always dreamed of. Join our program and become part of a supportive community dedicated to helping you succeed.

Australien Pull Ups On A Straight Bar


Why Learn Calisthenics

Workout Rings

No Expensive Equipment

All you need is your body. Calisthenics uses natural movements to build muscle and improve coordination.

burn and build muscles

Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Efficiently burn calories and build lean muscle, while learning to control your own body.

Calisthenics for everyone

Accessible for Everyone

Suitable for all fitness levels, our program starts with basic exercises and gradually increases in intensity.

Workout plan

Structured Workouts

Easy-to-follow routines with detailed instructions and video demonstrations.

Full-Body Workout

Engage multiple muscle groups with each exercise, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive workout.



Access to fitness experts who can answer your questions and provide tips.

Jumping Squats By Malin Malle

Included With Calisthenics For Beginners Programs

✅ Calisthenics Workout Routines

✅ 4-5 Workouts / Week

✅ Mobility Routines

✅ For Beginners

✅ Community Platform

✅ Instructional videos for all the exercises

✅ Program progresses throughout the weeks

Common Questions About Calisthenics For Beginners

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a type of workout where you use your own body weight for exercises. Think push-ups, squats, and pull-ups. It’s all about using your body to get stronger and more flexible without needing a gym.

How to start calisthenics for beginners?

Starting calisthenics is easy! Begin with simple exercises like push-ups, squats, planks, and lunges. Focus on doing them right to avoid getting hurt. Start with a few reps and add more as you get stronger. Don’t forget to take rest days to let your muscles recover.

But instead figuring this out yourself, just start with our Calisthenics For Beginners programs and learn from us

What are the requirements?

The requiermtns to start this program are these:
1-5 Pull Ups
1-5 Pushups
1-10 Squats
1-10 Leg Raises

What are the benefits of calisthenics?

Calisthenics has a lot of perks:

  • Builds muscle and strength.
  • Increases flexibility and mobility.
  • Boosts heart health.
  • Improves stamina.
  • Can be done anywhere, no special equipment needed.

How does Calisthenics for beginners program work?

The program lasts for 16 weeks but can be repeated, especially if you are a beginner just starting out with workouts.

You will get video guides for each exercise and routine, as well as special lessons to teach you more about what to consider, how to progress faster, and how to improve.

When joining our membership, you not only get access to this program but also to everything else for just $19/month.

Do I need any specific equipment?

You will need the workout equipment listed below to start the program.

All Access Membership

With one membership, you get access to all our current courses and future ones as well. Cancel whenever you want.


If you choose this membership you pay monthly and you will be able to cancel the membership whenever you want.

$19 / month

Flexibility & Mobility

Strength Training

Calisthenics Skills

Only $19/Month

For this price you don’t only get access to this course but many others and a community platform.

Just wrapped up the 16-week beginner calisthenics program, and it's been great! As a total newbie, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.


The program starts simple and gets harder each week, which kept me going without feeling too tough. The exercises were varied, so it never got boring, and Malin Malle gave awesome tips for doing the moves right.


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