Muscle Up Program

Our Muscle-Up Training Program is designed specifically for you. Whether you’re new to this advanced exercise or looking to get better at it, our program offers a structured and effective approach to mastering the muscle-up. Achieve your first muscle up and build impressive upper body strength without any weights.

Muscle up on a straight bar by Malin Malle

Learn Your First Muscle Up

The “Muscle-Up Program” is specifically focused on helping you achieve your first muscle-up. This 6-week course includes lessons, programming, and technique work to ensure you develop both the strength and skills needed. To start, you should be able to perform 5-8 pull-ups and 5-8 dips.

This program follows the principle of progressive overload. We offer a comprehensive 6-week workout plan with detailed instructions on exercise execution, workout schedules, repetitions, sets, and more. By focusing on targeted strength and technique training, you’ll see steady progress toward mastering the muscle-up.

Progress From Members

Muscle Up program Testimonial


A muscle-up requires not just the right technique but also significant strength. That’s why we’ve designed a 6-week program to help you build the necessary strength and skill. You can reuse this program to continue making progress even after the initial 6 weeks.

Work on the technique

Strength and technique are what make the muscle-up look so powerful. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire chapter to technique, teaching you exactly what to focus on when performing a muscle-up.

The End goal

The end goal? To master your first muscle-up. That’s the primary objective of this course. While you will definitely become stronger and more powerful, the main focus is achieving a successful muscle-up.

Muscle Up program

Don’t Just Dream It, Work For It

Learning muscle-ups is a game-changer for your fitness. Not only do they look impressive, but they also build serious upper body strength. Plus, getting your first muscle-up feels incredibly rewarding and adds some exciting variety to your workouts. It’s a fun challenge that can take your fitness to the next level!

Muscle up Program Malin Malle


How You Will Learn The Muscle Up


Guided Training

Follow clear, step-by-step routines with detailed instructions and video guides focused on muscle-ups.

Workout plan

The Bonus

While learning muscle ups you will build insane amount of strength for other skills in the future.

Pull ups to muscle ups

Pull up to Muscle up

Take your pull-up to a muscle-up; don’t get stuck doing hundreds of pull-ups only. If you can do five pull-ups, you can start learning muscle-ups.


Skip The Mistakes

There are so many mistakes people make when learning a muscle up, why even make them, workout with us.


Experts Secrets

Get to know the secrets to do this skill that many are not talking about, guided by experts



Access to fitness experts who can answer your questions and provide tips.

High Pull ups to learn muscle ups

With The Muscle Up Program

✅ Muscle up Routines

✅ 3 Workouts Per Week

✅ Can Be Added To Your Current Routines

✅ Community Platform

✅ Instructional videos for all the exercises

✅ Program progresses throughout the weeks

Questions About Muscle Up Program

What is a muscle-up, and how is it different from a pull-up?

A muscle-up is an advanced strength training exercise that combines a pull-up with a dip, allowing you to lift your body over a bar. Unlike a regular pull-up, which stops at chin level, a muscle-up requires you to transition over the bar and press your body upwards.

What muscles are worked during a muscle-up?

A muscle-up primarily targets the upper body muscles, including the back, biceps, triceps and shoulders.  It also engages the core and shoulders for stability and control.

What are the requirements?

Before you start this program, you need to be able to do 5-8 pull-ups without assistance and 5-8 dips without assistance.

How long does it typically take to learn a muscle-up?

How long it takes to nail a muscle-up depends on your current strength and fitness. With regular practice and a good plan, many people can do their first muscle-up in a few weeks to a few months.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when attempting a muscle-up?

Common mistakes? Relying too much on momentum, skipping proper technique, not using your core, and struggling with the transition from pull-up to dip. Focus on good form and take it step by step.

Do I need any specific equipment?

You will need the workout equipment listed below to start the program.

  • High bar 
  • Straight Low Bar
  • Resistance Band
  • Dip Belt 

You will need these to move along the workouts that you will do.

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Just wrapped up the 16-week beginner calisthenics program, and it's been great! As a total newbie, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.


The program starts simple and gets harder each week, which kept me going without feeling too tough. The exercises were varied, so it never got boring, and Malin Malle gave awesome tips for doing the moves right.


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